Burwell Repair Cafe




The Burwell Parish Council Climate Change Forum is initiating a local Repair Cafe, which will be run by volunteers from the community.  There are Repair Cafes held in several neighbouring villages, and indeed all over the world, where you can take a broken watch, a ripped hem, a printer that won't print, for example, and one of the Repair Team will see what they can do to fix it.  This saves landfill, and for a donation, saves you the cost of replacing that item.

To guarantee a slot, there will be an online booking system (currently being developed), but it is possible to drop in on the off-chance that a Repairer might have a space.  There will also be a cafe, where you can buy a cake and a cup of tea while you wait.  The first session is currently booked for Sunday 6th November between 10 am and 1 pm at the Gardiner Memorial Hall, so watch this space for updates.

If you would like to help with the scheme, be it as a repairer, an admin (there's a lot of organising to be done!), to bake for the cafe, or to meet and greet people, please email burwellrepaircafe@gmail.com.