Burwell Repair Cafe



Burwell Repair Cafe is a local community initiative that arose from Burwell Parish Council's Climate Forum. There are four Repair Cafes per year, all held at Mandeville Hall.

Huge environmental problems have been caused by our ‘throw-away’ culture, which encourages us to buy new clothes and appliances, even when repair is possible.  You can do your bit to change this culture by taking a broken toy, a ripped hem, a printer that won't print or a boom-box that won’t boom, to the Repair Cafe, and one of the Repair Team will see what they can do to fix it.  This not only reduces landfill and conserves the world’s precious resources, but also saves you the cost of replacing that item.

Repair Cafes also help to reduce carbon emission: each Burwell Repair Cafe prevents, on average, 500 kg of carbon emissions.

To check the date of the next event, please visit the Burwell Repair Cafe website. The website is also the place to go if you are interested in becoming a repairer or helping in other ways.