Wildflower Areas in Burwell

At the Council meeting on Tuesday 9th March 2021 Burwell Parish Council has agreed to run a pilot scheme during 2021 on a few areas of grass verge to encourage the growth of wildflowers. Currently we have initially opted for two areas for the Pilot Scheme. The first is the triangle of grass at the bottom of Hall Lane where the road goes into Park Road.


The second area is at the top of Bolton Close where the Leys footpath passes. This area of grass has in the past been maintained by East Cambs District Council, but they have agreed to the maintenance to be taken over by the Parish Council, allowing us to include the area in the Pilot Scheme.


We have been advised by the County Council Ecologist that the areas in the first year should remain uncut till towards the end of the grass cutting season when the grass should be cut and collected. We will not be sowing wildflower seeds on these areas in the first year, but will look to see what flowers and grasses grow.

More information on how this project is progressing will be added throughout the summer.