Proposed Community Garden

Members from our Community, Leisure and Sports Working Group are developing plans for a Community Garden for the village.  The unused corner of the Recreation Ground by the car park is the ideal area, and perfect for a gossip while you wait for your children's football match to finish, or to drive close up to take an elderly relative to enjoy some fresh air.

Taking up the rubber matting currently lying on the ground and buried with soil and grass is going to be quite a big job, and if anyone can offer help with any machinery we would be most grateful.

We are asking Burwellians to start taking plant cuttings to reduce our planting costs. Shrubs for low hedging, herbaceous shrubs, perennials - anything! We will need bulbs for underplanting, herbs for our raised bed. We'll need help with the maintenance, the planting, the watering. Please contact the Clerk if you can help with our garden.

We started with the idea of just a few raised beds and a bench on Pound Hill, but decided that 1) it was too noisy, and 2) that would be better left to wildflower due to the ideal soil conditions.

Then we looked at Priory Meadow, but this area is not as accessible. We think third time lucky, and that this corner of the Recreation Ground will be perfect!