Open Spaces (All)

Burwell Parish Council provide and maintain a number of playgrounds, open spaces and areas around the village. An overview of each is provided herein. More details can be found by choosing the relevant amenity in the Council Amenities and Services Dropdown Menu.

Jubilee Green

Jubilee Green

Jubilee Green has a variety of play equipment for younger children and an open field area for ball games. The area was purchased by the Parish Council in 1977, the year of the Queen's Silver Jubilee hence the name Jubilee Green. The field can be accessed from Parsonage Lane or from Hall Lane.

Margaret Field

Margaret Field

Margaret Field is a large open area off Heath Road which also contains play apparatus for older children. It is often used for football and cricket training. The field was left to the parish by Col. O'Calloghan in memory of his wife, Margaret. The play equipment was added by the Parish Council at a later date, purchased with the help of Hastoe Housing Association as part of the planning agreement for the Barkways development.

Recreation ground

The Recreation Ground

The Recreation Ground can be found off Hythe Lane, turning right over Hythe Bridge by the Lode. Facilities include a number of football pitches and a pavilion with changing rooms. A car park is situated by the entrance. The area also has a skateboard/BMX park, outdoor gym equipment, tennis courts, trim track and recently constructed play area. The Recreation Ground was purchased by the Parish in 1899 at a cost of £240.

Westhorpe Play Area

Westhorpe Play Park 

Westhorpe Play Area can be found at the junction of Westhorpe, Martin Road and Hawthorn Way. The area holds a large variety of play equipment and also some open space for ball games.

Spring Close

Spring Close

Spring Close is a large open space which contains the earthworks of Burwell Castle. The walls of the castle are no longer standing. The area was purchased by the Parish Council for the village in 1983 to protect it from inappropriate use and is maintained as an amenity site for local residents. The area has many access points with easily accessible gates in Mandeville, behind the church, and Spring Close,the road which runs alongside the open land.

Priory Meadow

Priory Meadow 

Acting mainly as a meadowland walk through to the Millennium Wood, Priory Meadow was purchased by the Parish Council in 1996 to replace open land lost to the village and also to protect the open aspect of the area. The land also holds a weather monitor operated by Delta T Devices, situated nearby. Access to the land is through Priory Close or through Millennium Wood.

Paulines Swamp

Pauline's Swamp 

An open nature reserve, Pauline's Swamp was donated to the village in 2006 by the Hawes Family in memory of wife and mother, Pauline Hawes. The area has a large pond and information boards documenting some of the wildlife and plants to be found there. Entrance to the Swamp is off Reach Road behind the industrial estate.



Burwell Parish Council owns over 80 allotment plots on land off Newmarket Road. The plots vary in size and the annual charge for each allotment from 1st November 2018 until 31st October 2019 is 15p per square metre. Allotment charges are reviewed annually and any increase in the charge for the year 1st November 2019 to 31st October 2020 can be found here from 1st April 2019.

If you are interested in having an allotment please contact the Parish Council Clerk.


Pound Hill

Pound hill is the area which houses the village sign and red telephone box. This was once the site of the annual Village Feast and the pound for lost animals. It is now an attractive entrance to the centre of the village for travellers coming from the Newmarket direction.

Kingfisher Drive

This riverside and central area of grass came as part of the new housing land and was taken over by request of the developers.

Hatley Drive

The riverside area is maintained as an attractive walkway - no ball games are allowed.

Mill Close

Mill close is the green area in the centre of the close.